Our Mission Is Your Vision...
Supporting Businesses &

Individuals By Providing Bespoke Training Solutions & 
Career's Advice For Over
A Decade.


Equi-vision is a dynamic social enterprise which offers practical advice that can motivate and mobilise communities. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome in both personal and professional lives through training, personal development, and job brokerage.
We are a socially conscious organisation that works with local communities to bring about change. We also work with young, marginalised people in the community that are most often overlooked, and by providing practical training, education and motivational workshops, we help to motivate the unemployed into employment or self-employment.

Equi-Vision also donates time and resources as part of our mission to work in the community.


We offer training solutions for business owners and their employees, as well as providing career development and guidance for individuals on a one to one basis.


All of our courses are tailored directly to the needs of your business, depending on your size, timescale and specified training requirements. Ultimately, our aim is to facilitate your staff, the operation of your business and the development of productivity.


Equi-Vision is currently running programs to eliminate unemployment, raise aspirations and develop stronger communities.