Equi-Vision Services Ltd. is a dynamic training provider. We offer training and personal development solutions for a range of organisations and individuals. Our ethos states that every client is valued as an individual and our mission is to help you achieve your personal and/or business vision.

Our aim is to offer practical advice that can motivate all our clients to achieve the best possible outcome, both in their personal and business lives - maximising and exceeding their potential in the process.

The expertise of our team extends across the business sector and has involved extensive interaction with local governments and third sector agencies. Some of our clients include:

  • The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

  • HF BME (Network)

  • Kenyan Women's Association

  • Camden Volunteer Centre

Equi-Vision is a socially conscious company whose training activities promote social inclusion and active citizenship.


  • The creation of healthy working environments 
  • Up-skilling of employees

  • Practical and sustainable policy implementation 

  • Easier working relationships

  • A productive and happy team

  • Stimulation of economic, academic and community growth 

  • Reduction of the culture of dependency and the improvement of independence. 

  • The increased employability of individuals disengaged from the job market 

  • Training and workshops to enhance the employability of those excluded from mainstream education or socially disenfranchised. 

  • Forge links throughout the community between businesses, individuals, and voluntary agencies

Equi-vision Services Ltd has a purpose to empower people and help them acknowledge their true potential as well as providing young people with vision, passion, and a sense of achievement.

Having worked across most London boroughs, I have always come with the aim of instilling confidence and motivation to enable people into self-employment, employment or into further training – One size definitely does not fit all!

My ethos is that everyone is equal and everyone is unique. 

Yvonne Wilson