Additional Courses 

C.V Writing

Students enrolled on the CV Writing course learn how to construct a professional winning CV showcasing their skills, abilities and qualifications gained. Students are supported in applying for future roles with their constructed CV.


Students on the Leadership course develop the skills and knowledge required to lead individuals to achieve goals, confidently supporting and managing persons.

Team Building

Students on the Team Building course establish the elements associated in successfully working as a team and optimise team performance.

Application Forms 

Application Forms training supports individuals in understanding and completing a competitive submission

Interview Techniques 

Individuals on the Interview techniques course develop skills and confidence to utilise in an interview scenario.

Job Brokerage

Equi-Vision Job Brokerage scheme tackles the barriers of employment that many people face in disadvantaged areas. The scheme exercises projects to improve students employability, improve skills and boost further education and employment.


The Diversity course teaches the practice of understanding, respecting and working with a diversified range of individuals in varying cultures, demographics and backgrounds.

Goal Setting

Students on the Goal Setting course establishing specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives. Within the course, individuals and groups develop tools to evaluate their performance and results for continuous development.

Positive Attitude Skills 

The Positive Attitude Training course coaches individuals accountability in developing the true attitude for success, allowing them to discover new ways of thinking.

Stress Management 

Students on the Stress Management course are taught a scope of techniques used to manage stress and the ramifications on physical and mental health. The practices trained include exercise, relaxation, meditation and time management.

Customer Service

The Customer Service course delivers students a series of tools designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Understanding the core needs of customer expectations and service excellence is the foundation of this syllabus.

Conflict Management 

Students on this course master the practice of identifying and handling conflict in a sensible, fair, and efficient manner. To successfully apply Conflict management students will adapt skills such as effective communication, problem solving and negotiation.