We offer training solutions for business owners and their employees. Equi-Vision's business solutions includes;

  • Formulating policies and procedures

  • Providing training to ensure effective implementation of your policies

  • Facilitating continued business growth.

Our training team has extensive experience of working within the third Sector. Therefore we are able to offer advice to charities, community and voluntary sector organisations on:

  • Capacity building

  • How effective policy and procedures benefit third sector organisations

  • Personal development for marginalised and demotivated clients

Career Development & Guidance

Our personal development and employment training workshops are distinctive and flexible course designed to get the best out of every attendee. We look at the challenges facing our clients through one-to-one sessions and workshops which help them gain confidence and overcome the barriers that face them. We work with a diverse range of clients and offer assistance to:

  • Individuals seeking asylum who wish to formalise their qualifications in the U.K.

  • Individuals whose mother tongue is not English. 

  • Lone parents

  • Individuals with few or no formal qualifications

  • Individuals who are long term unemployed. 

Using a customised and adaptable series of workshops we offer our clients a chance to develop beyond their exceptions in order to gain employment and vocational qualifications. 

These workshops offer the flexibility of working with clients on a one-to-one basis or with large groups. Therefore we offer these courses extensively to third sector organisations. 

If you are a community or voluntary sector organisation, we can work with you to provide training advice to your beneficiaries. 

Pre Employment 

For those wishing to enhance  or gain better skills when seeking employment. We provide advice on filling out applications, interview techniques and how to approach interviews. Our pre employment training package includes tutorials on how to fill in out application forms, how to approach job interviews and interview technique.

CV Workshops 

Our CV workshops help clients produce the best possible curriculum vitae (CV) to advertise their skills within a highly competitive job market.

Interview Skills Coaching

Interviews can be nerve wracking experiences for the most experienced of job seekers. We provide one on one and group coaching so that clients can overcome these nerves and impress interviews in every interview situation. 

Job Search Advice 

Searching for work can be a daunting task if you are leaving a job, have been made redundant or have unemployed for a while. We offer weekly sessions where jobseekers can search vacancy listings, get help to complete application forms and seek careers advice until they find employment.

We take the needs, skills and personal situation of our clients into consideration when helping them find work. 

  • Long term unemployed (for varied reasons)

  • From marginalised BAME communities

  • Refugees

  • Disabled 

  • Have little or no formal education 

  • Wishing to volunteer

  • Mature and seeking new skills and direction

  • Any marginalised group

Then we are able to help you. 

Why Should You Choose Equivision?

We offer a professional service supplying personalised solutions to your individual needs. (client list)

  • We uphold a strict policy of client confidentiality

  • We provide objective and impartial advice with focus the beat overall outcome for our clients

  • Our services are all exceptional value for money

  • Our experienced team are committed to helping you achieve your goals

  • Our unique approach to training - this extends to writing original training materials, delivering exciting workshops and interacting with clients.