All our courses are tailored directly to the needs of your business depending on your size, timescale and specified training requirements. Ultimately, our aim is to facilitate your staff and business functioning and developing productively. 

Confidence & Motivation

Our confidence and motivation workshops inspire those who intend to become proactive in changing their lives for the better. The course is primarily intended to help marginalised and jobless people gain confidence in their abilities and re-enter the job market. Using a unique system of the one to one support for clients, we have designed this course to help those lacking confidence and motivation develop thier skills 

through training, volunteering and/or employment.  Clients will attend pre -employment training workshops to increase their job prospects whilst we work with them on an individual basis taking into account their personal situation, experience and training needs. Everyone is assessed as an individual where we will look at the skills and needs of each person and motivate them to reach their potential. We will facilitate personal growth by ensuring clients become independent and motivated. 

Within our workshops, we address:

  • Overcoming social and personal barriers in order to progress

  • Learning effective social skills

  • Enhancing vocational skills

  • Further education options

  • Career choices

  • Recognising transferable skills

  • Matching skills to employment options

Mediation and Advocacy: 

​Our trained mediator is able to provide assistance and advice on:

  • Work related disputes 

  • Follow up reports

  • Advice on tribunal hearings and procedures

  • Mediation for individuals, couples and groups. 


Through Interactive discussions and case studies, this course teaches staff how to deal with diversity in the workplace. We encourage discussions on how to deal with diverse clients and how to be mindful of the diverse needs of colleagues.

We provide information on the various areas of legislation that contribute to the topic of equality and diversity and provide instruction on how you can maintain best practice.

​This course considers topics such as: 

  • What is diversity?

  • The concept of diversity in the workplace

  • The common pitfall most business face, which can lead to costly lawsuits

  • How promoting diversity can be a positive feature of your business and increase productivity

  • Incorporating ever changing legislation into everyday working practice 

  • Challenging discriminatory perceptions

  • Mediating diversity disputes in the workplace

Employment Legislation

Keep up to date with important legislation affecting your business.

Protect yourself from possible employment tribunals by keeping informed of your rights and those of your employees rights regarding:

  • Age discrimination

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Disability

  • Discrimination based on race, religion, sexuality or gender

  • Dismissal and employee grievances

  • Employment contracts

  • Equal pay

  • Holiday pay

  • Minimum wage

  • Parental leave

  • Redundancy

  • Working hours

Recruitment & Selection

This course enables staff and management to identify the right candidate when employing personnel for your business. We tutor designated staff on analysing application form, interview technique and the essential qualities to look for when hiring applications for your business.

Identifiable areas of training include:​

  • Formulating application processes 

  • Drafting job adverts 

  • Setting up recruitment panels 

  • Devising interview questions

  • Drafting job descriptions

  • How to analyse application forms 

  • Short listing processes 

  • How to pick the best candidates to meet your business needs

  • Where to advertise for the best possible applicants 

  • Creating redundancy packages

Does  your Business Or Organisation Require An Equalities & Diversites Audit?

Is your business equal and diverse?

Equi-Vision can conduct reviews of your business so you can monitor the diversity of your workforce to eliminate discrimination.

​Are your policies implemented or just a paper exercise?  The implementation of your policies will make your organisation robust when fighting discrimination and encourage a healthier fairer workplace.

This programme is especially good for employers to ensure that they are fair and balanced when appointing, promoting and organising staff. Our diversity audits are indispensable tools for every type of organisation.